Benefits of stocking Aussie Ice

A reputable supplier

Aussie Ice was established to fill the need service stations, liquor stores and corner stores had to offer bagged ice to their customers. Aussie Ice has become a leader in the industry by offering attractive incentives and superior customer service which has helped us experience rapid growth over the past 2 years. We've got 6 more great reasons to become a stockist of Aussie Ice below

Free freezer for your site

All new stockists of Aussie Ice will receive a free freezer for each store location. Depending on the store's size and turnover, we'll supply either a normal size, large size or extra large freezer to ensure you'll never run out of ice bags.

Increase average sales value

Bagged ice is an extremely effective way to upsell and increase your average sales value. Does your store offer gas? Sell soft drinks? You'll find your customers will naturally associate their purchases with ice. It's a win-win for you and your customers.

365 day delivery service

We understand the highest demand for ice is usually around holidays, when most suppliers are closed. We promise a 365 day delivery service which means peak periods such as New Years Eve are no issue. You'll always be fully stocked with Aussie Ice.

We're Food Grade Certified

Aussie Ice have successfully qualified for the Food Authority Certificate 82576, meaning our plastic is more than safe enough to eat or drink the ice.

First Freezer Fill Free

We love to be competitive, so we give you your first freezer fill absolutely free. We'll stock your freezer with over 100 ice bags so you can gain initial awareness and sales without any risk or upfront costs to you.

Become a retailer of Aussie Ice today, we're confident you'll love everything we have to offer

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